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Present Simple and Present Continuous Reading Passages

  1. A) Read the paragraphs and answer the questions:


       Hello! My name is Tom Nicholson. I’m a pilot for British Airlines. I fly planes. I am not working today. I am playing tennis. It is my favorite sport.


  1. What is his name?
  2. What does he do?
  3. What is he doing now?
  4. What is his favorite sport?


My uncle is Jack Smith. He is a physician. He helps sick people. But he isn’t at work now. He is dancing with his wife, because it is his birthday party.


  1. What is his name?
  2. What does he do?
  3. Where is he now?
  4. What is he doing?
  5. Who is he with?


They are Nick and Charles. They teach German in a school. They aren’t teaching now. They are in the park. They’re talking and laughing.


  1. Who are they?
  2. Do they teach?
  3. What do they teach?
  4. Where are they now?
  5. What are they doing now?


She is Margaret Simpson. She is a ballet dancer. She dances for Royal Ballet. She isn’t dancing now. She is having a rest. She is walking her dog in a park.


  1. What is her name?
  2. What does she do?
  3. Is she dancing now?
  4. What is she doing?